Celebrity Dentists in Seattle and Where they Work

Seattle is home to some of the most popular dentists who have had a great impact on the lives of people, not just in their careers but in other sectors as well. Here are some of the celebrity dentists in Seattle:

Dr. Sarah Fraker

Dr Sarah Fraker has been practicing dentistry for the past 19 years and within this time, she has made a name for herself as a result of her selfless service. She took over after her father who was also a dentist until his retirement and is happy to take care of some of his patients.

Besides practicing dentistry, Dr. Sarah Fraker had also received training as a classical ballerina and she was made to choose between her career as a dentist and being a professional ballerina. She currently works with a team of dentists at Green Lake Dental Care where she delights in being able to put a smile on everyone who comes to her for dental services.

Dr. Esi A. Quaidoo

Dr. Quaidoo who has a doctorate in dental surgery is a practicing dentist at Smile Matters in Seattle. Besides helping her patients to get back their smile, she delights in making them more products and to rediscover their self-worth.

Dr. Q, as she is commonly known is also a public speaker and a writer where she has written several articles and books. Some of her books include Exquisite Smile, Stress Management and the Smile Factor. She also heads the Aquarian Centers for Smile and Life Mastery which is a non-profit organization geared towards the transformation of lives in areas where dental services are not easily accessible.

Dr. Michael Mulick

Dr. Michael Mulick is one of the top cosmetic dentists in Seattle. He has received recognition by Seattleā€™s Met Magazine for the past ten years due to his devotion when serving his patients.

In addition to working at Dental Care in Seattle, Dr. Michael Mulick is also a part of the Seahawks staffs that have been given the responsibility of providing emergency medical services to some athletes in the United States. He participates in coaching CYO soccer and basketball.

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